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Carrot and Lentil Soup

Cubed Potato, curry sauce, pan fired courgettes and mushrooms

Stuffed peppers, cherry tomato and basil mozzarella

Basmati rice, tomato and chick pea


Leek n Potato Soup

Pizza, plain or pineapple

Pasta, plain or baked

Apple celery salad, potato and chive




School finishes at 12.45  

Vegetable soup

Pasta  with pesto or cheese or tomato sauce

Cubed roasted potato, korma sauce, coriander nan bread

Coleslaw with Mayo


Roasted pepper soup

Mashed potato, stir fry vegetables

Pizza, plain or Margherita

Garlic Bruschetta

Baby potato and chive salad



If your child has any food allergies or intolerance please complete the  Student Allergy Information Sheet and return it to the school office.


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