The members of the Board of Management are:

Enda Mhic Chionnaith

Sarah Swan

Ashkan Aryan

Richard Mc Guinness

Stephen Jordan

Caroline Pierce

Brian Connolly

Cónall Clancy (Chair)

After each Board of Management meeting, an agreed report is produced. These can be accessed via the links below.

BOM-19-10-21-Agreed Report

BOM-19-06-06-Agreed Report

BOM-19-03-07-Agreed Report

BOM-19-01-31-Agreed Report

BOM-18-12-03-Agreed Report

BOM-18-10-22-Agreed Report

BOM 18-06-06 Agreed Report

BOM 18-03-22 Agreed Report

BOM 18-01-31 Agreed Report

BOM 17-12-12 Agreed Report

BOM 17-10-24 Agreed Report

BOM-17-06-15-Agreed Report

BOM-17-03-30-Agreed Report

BOM-17-02-02-Agreed Report

BOM-16-12-01-Agreed Report

BOM-16-10-20-Agreed Report

BOM-16-06-09-Agreed Report

BOM-16-04-28-Agreed Report

BOM-16-03-03-Agreed Report

BOM-16-01-14-Agreed Report

BOM-15-11-05-Agreed Report

BOM-15-06-04-Agreed Report

BOM-15-04-23-Agreed Report

BOM-15-03-05-Agreed Report

BOM-15-01-15-Agreed Report

BOM-14-11-13-Agreed Report

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