Each week at Monday assembly we introduce a philosophical inspired theme for the week.

To read more about these themes please follow the links below:

Am I a Global Citizen?

Why be Still?

What is your vision?

What motivates you?

 How do we embrace the Now, fully?

Changing and the Unchanging

How do we develop good learning habits?

Courage – How to make the first step?

How to have real conversations?

May All Be Happy

Catching Upstream

From Darkness To Light

Are you a Radiator or Drain Pipe?

Who do you Trust?

Are you Awake?

Letting Go

Why Meditate?

What is the Ultimate Cause?

Why Pause?

What is this body for?

Making Reason Strong

Constant Love

What is True?

Meditation: The Master Key

Play Your Part. Be a Student

ABBA: A Break Between Activites

Acting with Reason and Love

Enjoy the Stillness between Desires

Cultivating Love

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