Although John Scottus takes a broad view of education and believes that success in education is measured by much more than results in public examinations, nonetheless it strives for academic excellence. The school has an excellent record in public examinations, with the vast majority of its students going on to University and third level colleges.

The Junior and Leaving Certificate Curricula are developed by the National Centre for Curriculum and Assessment, and the curricula details can bo accessed on-line at the NCCA’s Curriculum Online website. Information on State Examinations can be accessed on the State Examination Commission website

State Examinations: Leaving Certificate

The following subjects are currently offered at Leaving Certificate level:

  • English, Irish, Mathematics
  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology
  • French, History, Geography
  • Latin, Ancient Greek, Business
  • Classical Studies, Art, Music

John Scottus Leaving Cert results were excellent. Over the past five years (2011-2015):

81% of all results were A, B or C grade.

State Examinations: Junior Certificate

All pupils study these subjects to Junior Certificate level:

  • English, Irish, Mathematics
  • History, Geography, Science
  • Art, Latin, Classical Studies
  • Ancient Greek, French, CSPE
  • Sanskrit Short Course

The following subjects not examined at Junior Certificate but are taught by the School:

  • Philosophy and SPHE
  • Music (some pupils may take Music in Junior Certificate)
  • Sport

John Scottus Junior Cert results are excellent. In 2015 20% of the results A grade and 44 % B grade. Overallresults- 89% A, B, C.

D.E.S. School Inspections

The Secondary School is subject to inspection by the Department of Education School (D.E.S.) Inspectorate and to date there ha been a number of Subject Inspections and a Whole School Evaluation.The reports are published on the DES website.

The most recent whole school evaluation report from 2011 can be found here.

All other inspection reports can be found here.

The reports comment very favourably on the excellent and learning and teaching environment in John Scottus.

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